There are over 100 programs listed in the guide below. Drill down to the specific programs that suit your school, by using the filter-search on the lower right of the page. You might be interested in, say, programs in Queensland for children aged 8-12 on the issue of Parental Separation/Divorce. There are more specific fields you can use, such as Component 1 Programs, who delivers the program, or what professional training is needed.

In general terms, if you are looking for a program to :

  • Create a welcoming and friendly school environment where there is a sense of belonging and inclusion: Search for Component 1 Programs
  • Help students to recognise and manage their emotions, develop caring and concern for others, make responsible decisions, establish positive relationships and handle challenging situations effectively: Search for Component 2 Programs
  • Support parents, carers and families to support their children’s learning and mental health and wellbeing: Search for Component 3 Programs
  • Support children who are showing early signs of, or already experiencing mental health difficulties: Search for Component 4 Programs
  • Support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families: Tick the 'Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander programs' box under Refine Search. For more information, please see About Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs.