Schools have used various strategies to ensure that all their students are provided with opportunities to improve their social and emotional skills.

Below is an example of how you can implement Component 2.

If your school has successfully implemented strategies for building the social and emotional skills of your students, and you would like to share with other KidsMatter schools, please email

Social and emotional learning (SEL) for students at Lance Holt School

Lance Holt School considers regular ongoing contact with parents an important priority.

Parents and carers discover what students are doing in lessons through individual class newsletters This is particularly helpful when students participate in social and emotional learning classes. For example, a teacher emails parents with tips on friendship after a lesson on belonging and what it means to be a good friend.

Regular email contact has become an effective communication tool and parents can follow up on issues such as self-awareness and social awareness and other relationship skills discussed in class. The emails are also an effective way of educating parents about the social and emotional curriculum and the steps involved in implementing KidsMatter Primary across the school.

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