Schools have used various strategies for helping children with mental health difficulties.

Below is an example that may give you ideas about how you can implement Component 4.

If your school has successfully implemented strategies for helping children with mental health difficulties, and you would like to share with other KidsMatter schools, please email

Engaging with agencies at Hannans Primary School, Kalgoorlie

When the staff worked with Components 3 and 4 they investigated the range of services agencies that were available to the school community. The school wanted to engage more with agencies in Kalgoorlie. The Deputy Principal acknowledged that the school could not provide everything at the school and the referral processes were not widely understood. The school thought that there were agencies that could help in the area of emotional health and wellbeing. So Hannans linked with agencies and invited some of them into the school to provide outreach services in the school. Parenting WA provides a one-day per week free service on campus for parents and carers who can self-refer to a counsellor, runs forums and offers advice on particular parenting skills.

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