Starting school is an important time for children and families. Together with families, early childhood education and care (ECEC) services and schools can assist children to have a positive transition to school. To support children and their families during this time KidsMatter has developed the following range of resources for families, ECEC services and schools.

Tips for facilitating sessions

Before you get started you may like to read Tips for facilitating sessions [682KB]. It provides suggestions and strategies for using the Starting School resources as part of a structured presentation or to add to an existing starting school transition program.

Videos, information sheets and Leaders Guides

Six short videos cover a range of topics and provide useful strategies to help children and families make a positive start to school. Each video has an accompanying information sheet written specifically for families that contains useful tips, strategies and information about starting school (and can be downloaded as one document [3MB). Easy-to-use Leaders Guides accompany each video topic and provide suggestions on how schools and ECEC services can use the videos and Starting School resources with families. 

Communication tools and activity books 

Communication tools and activity books are helpful resources that can assist children and families as they get ready to start school. These resources promote partnerships and communication between families, ECEC services and schools. 

Other resources 

There are a range of other resources to support children starting shool. These resources have been compiled for schools, ECEC services and families seeking further information about starting school.

Transition matters

Transition matters [3MB] is written specifically for early childhood educators and school staff. It provides a summary of relevant research and evidence-based information about starting school that can support ECEC services and schools to develop or review existing transition programs. For more background information and ideas for how ECEC services and schools can support children to make a positive transition, see Transition to Primary School: A Review of the Literature [5MB] .