Karama School - Embedding whole-school wellbeing from the ground up

By engaging the whole-school community, Karama School in Northern Territory has embedded wellbeing and positive mental health. The school started implementing KidsMatter Primary in 2016 and emphasises a whole-school focus on increasing student wellbeing by improving literacy, numeracy, engagement, and achievement.

Araluen Christian College - KidsMatter because kids matter 
The school has different ways to involve parents and the community for the benefit of students. For example, the school newsletter includes parent information; the surveys of parents produce data that assists the school to offer new events and ways of communicating; and students are encouraged to understand and learn about interacting with others. The school staff meetings include a KidsMatter Primary time slot, and the staff articulate the statement, KidsMatter because kids matter!

Humpty Doo Primary School - a positive kick off
Humpty Doo is located 40 kms south of Darwin. The school has 400 students. It implemented KidsMatter Primary in 2010, and in 2011, social and emotional learning became one of three focus areas in the curriculum. So far, Component 2 has had a significant impact on the school community. The story highlights the processes that involved all staff in selecting Bounce Back which has become ‘ ...  a value-adding step to all learning opportunities.’

Ltyentye Apurte Catholic School

This Catholic school is located in Santa Teresa, an Aboriginal settlement approximately 80 kilometres south-east of Alice Springs. The school enrols approximately 130 students from Preschool to Year 10. The school is trying to build students’ ‘emotional vocabulary’ through awareness of different feelings, and then choosing an appropriate coping strategy. The school started implementing KidsMatter Primary in 2013 and since this time, has strengthened its linkages with the wider community.

Yuendumu School - growing their spirit stronger

Yuendumu School is in a remote Indigenous community about 290 kms north-west of Alice Springs. It enrols 180 students from preschool to senior years. English is the second or third language for some students. Since 2009 staff and community members from Yuendumu have attended a total of 453 hours of KidsMatter training. This school story describes the processes involved in adapting the content of Component 1 and the concepts of mental health to make it more appropriate to the Walpiri community. The school vision statement, ‘growing their spirit stronger’, grew out of the discussions at training.