Eudunda Area School: growing wellbeing step by step
Eudunda is a country town in South Australia about 98 kms north-east of Adelaide. Eudunda Area School is a combined primary/secondary campus with 180 students from Reception to Year 12. It has been a mental health-promoting school for about ten years, involved with MindMatters which was incorporated into the Pastoral Care program. The Success Coordinator thought that KidsMatter Primary would be an important framework to implement in the primary school. KidsMatter Primary was launched at the end of Term 2 2012 with a strong community focus in the main street.

Fraser Park is a school with a big heart and significant challenges. It’s located in Murray Bridge, a river town about 80 kilometres from Adelaide. The school enrols approximately 100 students from Preschool to Year 7. Students come from a variety of complex backgrounds. The school uses the Play is the Way program to teach social and emotional learning, and started implementing KidsMatter Primary in 2013.

Marymount College - Wellbeing is always on the agenda
Marymount College is a Catholic girls’ middle school. It is located in Hove about 12 kms south-west of Adelaide. The College enrols 490 students from Years 6-9. The school story describes the way the College began working with KidsMatter Primary in 2009. It also outlines the steps in 2011 the Action Team took to initiate ‘Marymount Matters’ by incorporating MindMatters with KidsMatter Primary across the school. Marymount College received national recognition for its work with MindMatters in 2012 and KidsMatter Primary in 2013.
St Francis De Sales College is a Catholic Co-educational College located in Mt Barker about 33 kms east of Adelaide. The College enrols 1,055 students from Reception to Year 12. The school story for St Francis De Sales College describes the launch of KidsMatter Primary in Term 1 2013 and the links to MindMatters which had already been established in the middle and secondary schools. It describes the way that the College focuses on wellbeing across the three schools and the connections made between older and younger students through the Youth Empowerment Process. It also highlights the importance of parent involvement and the exploration of ways to increase understanding of wellbeing across the community including through parent representation on the R-12 Wellbeing Committee.

Tailem Bend Primary School: Parents are welcome
Involving the local community in launching KidsMatter Primary was easy at Tailem Bend Primary School. A meeting was held, and businesses offered to donate their time and goods such as free cappuccinos. Five community health agencies presented information about their services. The message picked up by 40 parents who attended was that children are the focal point of everything in the school.

St David's Parish School: Putting a premium on social and emotional learning

Saint David’s Parish School has fully embedded inclusiveness and social and emotional learning into its strategic plan, policies and curriculum. The school was presented with a KidsMatter Primary Recognition Award for achieving excellent outcomes in promoting inclusiveness and improving the social and emotional wellbeing of its students.

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