Beaumaris North Primary School - Celebrating achievement: Six years of KidsMatter Primary
Beaumaris North Primary School is about 15 kms south east of the Melbourne CBD and has an enrolment of 670 students. The story describes the school’s implementation of wellbeing initiatives and its commitment to KidsMatter Primary since 2009. It also includes a focus on the use of the KidsMatter Primary Portal for staff induction. In February 2015 the school was formally recognised as a KidsMatter Primary school. 

Benalla East Primary School: Connects to parents
Benalla East began its involvement with KidsMatter Primary in 2010. The results from a parent and carer survey in 2011 showed an increase in satisfaction from 25% to 75%. The school believes it improved its communication and uses text messages to let parents and carers know about students’ achievements. The school also texts information about school assemblies.

Coolaroo South Primary School: Letters from the heart
A strong focus of Coolaroo South Primary School is to bring the community into the learning environment. Students participated in a successful initiative in 2011 in which they wrote letters to a significant person in their lives. They crafted letters over several sessions and illustrated them to make them ready for a public exhibition in the school. Large crowds of parents and relatives and friends attended the exhibition which was called, ‘Letters from the heart’.

Hastings Primary School - layers of wellbeing

Hastings Primary School is on the Mornington Peninsula about 73 kms from Melbourne. It has an enrolment of about 245 students. The Hastings Primary School story describes some of the ways that KidsMatter has been integrated into the life of the school community since it was first implemented in 2006. The focus on wellbeing for everyone is a strong feature of the school and it extends to the placement of new teachers who are required to demonstrate their knowledge of KidsMatter in their applications for a position. There is an emphasis on empowering students to recognise their own wellbeing. The story details the steps taken to involve the community including working with volunteers across a range of school activities. It also highlights the way that the school initiated new structures to support families in addressing mental health issues.
Koroit & Districts Primary School is about 17 kms north-west of Warrnambool. It has an enrolment of 116 students from Prep to Year 6. 
The Koroit & Districts Primary School story describes some of the ways parents are invited to be involved in the education of their children. It outlines initiatives the schools has introduced to improve communicate with families through using Facebook; telling ‘good news’ stories to parents about their children’s progress and ensuring that students reflect on positive experiences at the end of the school day. The story also refers to parent conferences which have become an important way for students to present their learning to their parents. 

Lethbridge Primary School: Bridge-building with KidsMatter
Lethbridge Primary School is in a rural township 75 kms south-west of Melbourne and about 32 kms from Geelong. It enrols 101 students, and moved to a new location in 2011. The school story outlines the challenges for the school community in adapting to the new location and open teaching and learning spaces, and creating new traditions for Lethbridge Primary School. Part of that process was to implement KidsMatter in 2012. The Action Team organised a Wellbeing Expo which involved wide representation of community health and fitness groups to promote mental health. 

St Mark’s Catholic Primary School, Fawkner: On message
The school story for St Mark’s describes some of the ways we try to involve families in our community. It also outlines our focus on our ‘value of the week’, student leadership and lunchtime clinics. Our school story will also be included in a future Victorian KidsMatter Primary newsletter which will be sent to a wide range of schools. It will also be used when schools are thinking of introducing KidsMatter Primary.

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