Here's some examples of how schools in Western Australia are implementing KidsMatter Primary:

Hillarys Primary School: Strengthening pastoral care through KidsMatter
Hillarys Primary School had a comprehensive pastoral care program but still decided to join KidsMatter. The framework has given the school a scaffold to ensure that all areas of pastoral care are being addressed.

Lance Holt School: Talking the same language
Lance Holt School has been working with KidsMatter Primary since 2007 when it was in the pilot program. Emotional wellbeing is a strong feature of communication with parents, and in interactions between students. The school encourages student participation, and even six year olds are responsible for running school meetings.

In 2010, Leda Primary School was exploring ways to work with parents to raise student attendance and support those who had difficulties regulating their behaviour. Leda PS was keen to make links to the community. KidsMatter Primary offered a way to build a welcoming and supportive environment where all stakeholders would feel welcome and valued.  
Ngalangangpum School is a Catholic school that is located at Warmum (also known as Turkey Creek), which is halfway between Halls Creek and Kununurra in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. It is a very remote corner of Australia. The school works with the community to develop a greater understanding of how to respond to traumatic events that happen outside the school. The school works hard to honour students’ cultural identity while equipping them for life beyond school.  
Cooinda Primary School is located in Bunbury, 173 kms south of Perth. It has an enrolment of 400 students. It has an on-site pre-Primary and Kindergarten Centre. It was a pilot school for KidsMatter Primary in 2007. The story for Cooinda Primary School describes some of the ways the school focuses on supporting students and families. It outlines the reasons for receiving two awards in 2012 for the commitment to supporting student wellbeing. It also highlights the collaboration with KidsMatter Primary Early Childhood with pre-school students on the campus and the experience of learning about emotional health and feelings.  

Belmay Primary School: A seriously positive environment
The school started by looking at what was already happening in terms of individual students, classes and whole-school, and found the KidsMatter process reflected the school planning that was already taking place. The school principal and the staff saw KidsMatter as a process rather than a program that could develop a positive school community.

Hannans Primary School: Building emotional wellbeing
KidsMatter Primary has featured our school on its national website. The school story for Hannans describes how we work to support students’ emotional health and wellbeing. It also outlines how we invite agencies such as Parenting WA to work in our school. Our school story will also be included in a future West Australian KidsMatter Primary newsletter which will be sent to a wide range of schools. It will also be used when schools are thinking of introducing KidsMatter Primary.

St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School Bridgetown: Giving a name to what we do

The school is located in a town about 270 kilometres south of Perth with a population of around 3,000. The school story is about the first KidsMatter steps at St Brigid’s Catholic School. The Principal analysed the results of the Quality Catholic School Survey survey of staff, students and parents which assisted Catholic schools to gain a deeper insight into their culture. He wanted to do something to improve the experience of students and their experience as members of the school community.
The school is located beside Cambridge Gulf, in the north-eastern corner of Western Australia. It enrols approximately 160 students from Kindergarten to Year 12 – but with a majority in the primary years. The school is geographically isolated, meaning its relationship with the community is critically important. Many students come from difficult home environments. To counter this, the school has a range of strategies to teach social and emotional learning and encourage students (and community members) to seek support when they need it.

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