An essential element of successfully implementing a whole-school initiative, such as KidsMatter Primary, is to ensure that the views of staff, students, parents and carers are taken into account.
KidsMatter surveys and associated reports are a FREE service available to schools implementing KidsMatter – those that have completed Getting Started. The surveys are an important ‘tool for schools’ to facilitate the consultation process and give schools the ability to administer surveys as often as they want and to whom they want. Schools are provided with real-time online access to their collated data through secure interactive reports. 
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Read the survey how-to guide
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Update to the How to guide for schools on surveys and the planning process <link and doc to come>
Download the Component Plans to use with Mental Health Map reports
Download these tips to improve your response rates
Download this introductory activity for the school Action Team Survey Sampler: School check-up activity
Questions and answers about data privacy Surveys data privacy