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What’s the purpose of the video?

Welcoming families to KidsMatter Primary is designed to help you introduce KidsMatter Primary to the families of children at your school. The video is designed to complement the existing KidsMatter Primary resources and the activities you will be doing to get KidsMatter Primary up and running at your school. The video won’t tell parents and carers how KidsMatter Primary will work at your school; rather, your journey through KidsMatter Primary will develop as you go and you will keep the school community informed along the way.  

What’s in the video?

The video is an introduction to KidsMatter Primary that features students, parents and carers and school staff from KidsMatter Primary schools across Australia. The video contains: 
  • an introduction to children’s mental health and wellbeing
  • an introduction to the KidsMatter Primary framework and the important role that families play in its implementation
  • a description of the four components of KidsMatter Primary.

How can you use the video?

You might like to show families the video at the start of your KidsMatter Primary journey to introduce the initiative, or you might like to wait until some of the planning has been done and you have more of an idea of how KidsMatter Primary might look at your school. You could also show the video to families who join the school community after you have started KidsMatter Primary.
You might find it useful to show the whole video at the start of your KidsMatter journey, then show the relevant part just before your school starts each component as a refresher. 

How will you use the video at your school?

You might like to use these questions to aid planning for how you might use the video at your school: 
  • When are the best times to show the video to families? 
  • What do you need to prepare before showing the video to parents and carers? 
  • How will you promote the video to families?
  • Who will run the video viewing sessions and answer any questions that parents and carers might have?

What sorts of questions will families ask?

Discussing children’s mental health and mental health difficulties can bring up different emotions and it’s possible that families might have questions after watching the video. To help you prepare, here is a list of questions that parents and carers might ask after watching the video: 
  • How does KidsMatter Primary work?
  • Why is the school doing KidsMatter Primary?
  • Who is the best person at the school to talk to about KidsMatter Primary?
  • How is KidsMatter Primary different to the other initiatives the school is already involved with?
  • Who can I approach if I am concerned about my child or need more information about mental health and wellbeing? 
  • What will KidsMatter Primary look like for my child?
  • How can I be involved in KidsMatter Primary? 

Other resources 

KidsMatter has a collection of online resources about children’s mental health and wellbeing that parents and carers might find useful, including information about family relationships, managing children’s behaviour and friendships in childhood.