What is mental health? (Video transcript)
Speaker Dialogue

Student 1

Mental health is being healthy, but in your brain.

Student 2


Having good mental health means you can get the job done, and persist in what you’re doing without other people saying ‘oh no, you can’t do that, you’re bad at this’ and everything like that.

Student 3

Being mentally healthy is being healthy with your mind. Helps you work out problems.

Student 4

Being mentally healthy is knowing you don’t have to hold all your sadness and emotions inside and you can just let it out. Is that right?


Mental health is being strong in mind. Being able to deal with adversity. That when life kicks you, you can bounce back, and that it doesn’t put you down.


Mental health is the emotional wellbeing of people. The psychological wellbeing of people.

Professor Stephen Zubrick (University of Western Australia)

On a day to day basis, the common experience of mental health is being happy. At the centre of good mental health is ... happiness and ... the ability to stay happy. Beyond that, though, good mental health is the ability to act rationally, think purposefully and deal effectively with the environment, and to be able to move through life in ways that optimise your choice to have ... a life that you value.

Associate Professor Helen Cahill (University of Melbourne)

For physical health promotion, we work on trying to achieve the optimum for kids. Trying to help them become strong and agile, we try to give them a healthy environment and healthy food. If we thought of mental health in a similar way, we would also take an equivalent interest in the sort of environment that is conducive to positive mental health and growth and psychological wellbeing, and also understand that people can go up and down in their experience of their mental wellbeing and be understanding of that and accepting of that as a normal part of life for many people

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Mental health is the way we think about ourselves and what is going on around us, and how we cope with the ups and downs in life.