Transcript of KidsMatter introductory video



Girl 1 :

Mental wellbeing is really about how you feel, and others feel too.

Boy 1 :

but being mentally healthy is being healthy with your mind, help you work out problems

Girl 2 :

Um, being mentally healthy is knowing when you don't have to hold all your sadness and emotions inside and you can just let it out. Yeah?  Is that right?

Narrator :

We all know that children with healthy minds thrive, ut it's estimated that one in seven school-age children has a mental health problem and only one in four 4 gets the help they need. Similar rates have also been found in early childhood. The good news is that KidsMatter is all about growing healthy minds and positive communities. KidsMatter is a mental health framework for early childhood education and care services and primary schools. It's a unique partnership between education and health and is the first of its kind in Australia.

Tom Lindeman, Primary school principal :

When we found out about KidsMatter, ah, we thought, “great!”. You know, it was like, you know, shining light. This was an opportunity to, ah, to, you know have a framework to draw it all together and to give us a purpose  and to give us direction.

Janene, Primary school teacher :

The most effective element of KidsMatter is actually, I think, the framework itself. It lends itself to really being like an umbrella over what we're currently doing in the schools And so it's good, because you can sort of work your way through and audit what you’re doing in your school your current practices, and then you can sort of see the target areas that you need to work on.

Teacher :

Who is feeling happy today? Is anyone?

Children :


Maree, KidsMatter early childhood facilitator :

Being healthy in early childhood means that children are more likely to have good social and emotional skills. Are more likely to achieve greater successes at school and better lifelong outcomes.

Associate Professor Helen Cahill, Deputy Director Youth Research Centre and Associate Professor in Student Wellbeing Graduate School of Education University of Melbourne :

If we invest in this as a society we are going to get good outcomes with reduced patterns of depression and anxiety and other mental health disorders in our population.

Pam, Grandparent :

It’s just been a total all over change and improvement in things from … in the last five years that I have personally noticed.

Heather Leary, Primary school principal

What we were really battling with and found a real challenge was connecting our families to the school. It used not to have a fabulous reputation in the town. It used to be known as the rough school, where the bad kids went and we’ve worked very hard to turn that around and so that now we’re finding families are driving their kids across town because they want what we’ve got to offer here.

Boy 2 :

It’s all about kids at school so it’s really important to make sure they are happy.

Girl 2

Yeah, kids are …… really do help the world. Kids do matter, I think. Even if I do say so myself.

Narrator :

KidsMatter has already made a positive difference to the mental health and wellbeing of Australian children and their ability to learn. To help grow health, happy minds find out how you can get involved in KidsMatter today.